Our key learning over the years is that nothing speaks more about us than delivering on our promises does. With the rapid advances in technology today, customers are more aware and particular about the product specifications. We are therefore bound to keep ourselves thoroughly updated on the complexities of the changing scenario, adapting our fabrics and products to requirements, and introducing new products and features as and when we perceive a potential need for them. With complete dedication to extensive research and constant innovation, we are constantly learning and creating new avenues for development. Export-oriented operations also ensure we maintain a keen eye for perfection and an ability to pre-empt and adapt to change.

Gujarat Flotex prides itself on rendering products that are niche yet designed keeping in mind the end user. Our focus is always on unimpeachable quality as opposed to increasing volumes. As a result, our vast range of products remains unequalled in India, and we take great pride in our immensely loyal and satisfied customer base. Our constant interactions with our customers ensure that we tap their unexpressed needs and tender products that not only suit their existing purpose but also fit into their plans and enhance them.

Gujarat Flotex lays great stress on the fundamental values of integrity, quality, ethics, commitment and environmental consciousness. Taking this ideology forward are its transparent processes, strong R & D team and careful vendor selection, stringent quality checks, categorical adherence to niche production vis-à-vis volume-based production, and adoption of eco-friendly technologies.

  • Automatic Fabric Dyeing Machine (14 machines)
  • Heat Setting and Finishing Stenter (3 Units)
  • Finishing Range
  • Coating Machine (2 units)
  • Fabric to Fabric Bonding Machine
  • Continuous Steaming and Tumbling (AIRO Finish)
  • Fibre Cutting
  • Weaving
  • Warp Knitting
  • Digital Printing
  • Sublimation Machines (2 Units)
  • Bunout Finish Range
  • Brushing Machine
  • Sueding Machine
  • Raising Machine (12 Sets)
  • Polishing & Shearing Machine (3 Sets)
  • Open Width Dyeing (4 Sets)
  • Continuous Scouring
  • Fabric Steamer
  • Embossing Machine
  • Calendar Machine
  • Automatic Roll Packing
  • Inspection Machines (14 Units)

We subscribe to Aristotle’s opinion that quality is not an act but a habit. This thought process has a direct impact on the way we conduct our business. Our efforts to improve our products and services are steadily progressing, and these have yielded substantial results in the advanced versions we have produced. We keep a keen eye on the market and take continuous feedback from our customers so that we may incorporate every little change for the better.

With our emphasis on quality checks at numerous levels, thoroughly trained personnel and optimal work conditions, we have managed to create a potent combination that keeps our processes streamlined. Our QC Lab is perfectly equipped to pick up the finest of nuances and the minutest of errors from daily processes and utilise the learning from them with immediate effect so that product-quality and cost-effectiveness are maintained.


There is a reason why Gujarat Flotex is the most preferred partner for sourcing all kind of furnishing fabrics.

Location Advantage

Based in Ahmedabad – Gujarat we have Kandla port which can help us export to every part of the world.

Technically Advanced

Every machinery that we possess is stat-of-the-art and the best in the category.

Expert Team

Our team is very experienced and expert in their profile. A perfect combination of experience and youth makes for a deadly team.

In-trend Designs

Our in-house design team are in sync with the latest design trends in the furnishings market.

Global Network

with exports to more than 18 countries we are connected across the globe to deliver.


The key to our success is our constant endeavour to innovate. We innovate so that we can lead the market.

Skilled workforce

Our workforce is skilled enough to save us a lot of time eventually helping us to deliver on our commitments.

On-time Delivery

Our commitment to our customers is of utmost importance to us and we make sure that we do every bit to stand upto it.